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Research Overview

The classroom is only one among many sites for historical inquiry. Produce new understandings about the past beyond the classroom through these opportunities.

The History Honors Program

The honors program provides the History Department's most accomplished majors the opportunity to do the work of professional scholars. Our honors students work closely with leading historians in their chosen field to conduct primary source research and write original scholarship that contributes to the understanding of the past.

The History Department offers undergraduate research funding opportunities to rising seniors to assist them with research-related travel and expenses, including through the Cuttino Scholarship, the Cuttino Fellowship, the Jack Award, the Roark Prize, and the Wiley Prize.

Undergraduate Research Assistantship with Faculty

The Department of History offers undergraduates the opportunity to collaborate with faculty as research assistants (RAs). For their work, students receive either course credits or monetary compensation. Students receiving course credits work with faculty member(s) to document the type of work, readings, and assignments (if applicable) the student will undertake to fulfill the requirement for a one to four-hour course. The monetary compensation option does not require a faculty member(s) to meet regularly with the student to assess their learning, assign and evaluate written work, or engage in methodological or content-area instruction, though this is certainly permissible. 

Experiential Learning

The Loren and Gail Starr Award in Experiential Learning provides summer funding (from $500 to $3000) for experiential learning projects proposed by History majors, joint majors, or minors.

The Starr Award is intended to support students who wish to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired in history courses to create or participate in projects in settings outside of the classroom.

Bold, creative, and off-the-beaten path proposals are encouraged. The only rule is that engagement with the past be central to the experience undertaken by the student. 

Travel Funding

Undergraduates may apply for financial support from the History Department for education and research outside of Atlanta. Department-specific programs that offer support include the:

  • George P. Cuttino Scholarship for Independent Research Abroad,
  • George P. Cuttino Fellowship for Summer Programs Abroad,
  • Theodore H. Jack Award,
  • James L. Roark Prize, and
  • Bell I. Wiley Prize in U.S. History.

Awards and Prizes

The History Department recognizes exceptional undergraduate students and their work through a host of prizes, spanning from a citizen-scholar award given annually to seniors to prizes for superior original reseach.

Learn more about these prizes and the past recipients: