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K. Rene OdangaGraduate Student

I am a student of African History specialising in African responses to imperialism. I focus on how Kenyans interacted with, understood, navigated, and resisted the imposition of British settler colonialism. From this point of resistance I hope to understand the relationship the Kenyan state, born out of an anti-colonial war, has with the world, and its place in it. I am also interested in the legacies of imperialism and how it influences and mitigates the lives of the imperialised in the contemporary era.

If you would like to engage in conversation about my research interests, please feel free to reach out to me.


  • B.A. United States International University - Nairobi
  • M.A. Howard University

Research Interests

East Africa
Anti-imperialism and Anti-colonialism
African Political Thought

Dissertation Title


Faculty Advisors

Clifton Crais
Mariana P. Candido