Iliana Yamileth Rodriguez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of History


Yami Rodriguez (B.A., University of Georgia, 2014; M.A., Yale University, 2017; Ph.D., Yale University, 2020). 20th Century U.S. History; Latinx History; Migration Studies; Cultural Studies.

Yami Rodriguez is a Latinx historian whose interdisciplinary research engages questions of race, ethnicity, labor, and migration. With a regional focus on the U.S. South, Rodriguez’s scholarship examines Latinx U.S. histories alongside Latinx political, economic, and cultural place-making practices in the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Her current book project, “Mexican Atlanta: Migrant Place-Making in the Latinx South,” traces the history of Metro Atlanta’s ethnic Mexican community formation with attention to the region’s longer Latinx histories beginning in the mid-twentieth century.

My curriculum vitae