Cheng-Heng Lu

Cheng-Heng Lu


BA and MA in History, National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan), 2012

Research Interests

Social History
Chinese History
Maritime History
Historical Anthropology

Dissertation Topic


Faculty Advisor

Tonio Andrade
Mark Ravina


I'm Cheng-Heng Lu and come from Taiwan. I majored in Economy in National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. After my undergraduate, I did my MA in History in National Tsing Hua University. My thesis was discussing about how Chinese pirates could utilize the rules, laws, and systems to be a successful power, even nation, during the 16th to 17th century which called Ming-Qing transition. In the future, I want to study how Fujianese build a complicated network in East Asia and Southeast Asia, and I hope to discuss a clan to illustrate this idea. Although I can read Manchu language which was used in Qing Dynasty, my language ability is still poor, including English. I hope that I could do my best in the future.