Katrina Knight

Katrina Knight


BA in Classical Studies and Medieval & Early Modern Studies, Tulane University, 2012
MA in Archaeology of the Roman World, University of Leicester, 2013
MA in Classical Studies, Tulane University, 2016

Research Interests

Roman Britain
Post-Roman Europe
Imperialism & Colonialism
Cultural Identity
Classical Reception


"Becoming UnRoman: Romans and Romanness in Late Antique and Early Medieval Britain and Italy, AD 400-700"

Faculty Advisor

Judith Evans-Grubbs


My work focuses on the ways in which Roman cultural identity intersected with provincial identity during and after the Roman Empire. My dissertation looks at post-Roman Britain and Italy in the period from AD 400-700 and the ways in which both regions attempted to sustain Roman law, culture, and custom after the "fall" of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476. While I specialize in Roman and post-Roman Britain, I am also interested in classical reception, Greek and Roman magic, and Roman imperialism across the former Roman Empire.