History Fall 2015 Course Atlas

HIST 562R: Themes&Appr.Lat.Am.History

000: New Paradigms/Old Trends

W   1:00-4:00 pm   Rogers

HIST 583: Intro.Advance Historical Study

00P: Intro.Advance Historical Study

W   4:15-7:15 pm   Harris

HIST 585: Special Topics in History

000: Fascism

TU   1:00-4:00 pm   Adamson

001: Comparative Empires

M   1:00-4:00 pm   Crais & Ravina

002: The Later Roman Empire

TH   4:15-7:15 pm   Evans-Grubbs

003: Subaltern Studies

TH   1:00-4:00 pm   Pandey

004: Passing in America

TU   4:15-7:15 pm   Prude

006: Islamic Civilizations Studies

TH   1:00-4:00 pm   Cornell

007: Romance and Revolution

TU   1:00-4:00 pm   White

008: Cultures on Display

W   3:00-6:00 pm   Ruprecht Jr.

00P: Rsch.&Interdisc.Scholarship

TH   9:30 am-12:30 pm   Goodstein

HIST 596R: Special Studies

00P: Special Studies

TBA   Staff

HIST 597R: Directed Reading

00P: Directed Reading

TBA   Staff

HIST 599R: Research

00P: Research

TBA   Staff

HIST 786A: Intro to College Teaching

00P: Intro to College Teaching

M   4:15-7:15 pm   LaChance

HIST 786B: Intro to College Teaching

00P: Intro to College Teaching

TBA Staff

HIST 790A: Professionalization Seminars

00P: Professionalization Seminars

TBA   LaChance

HIST 799R: Advanced Research

YAN: Advanced Research

TBA   Yannakakis