Alumni Events

  • Dean Robin Forman greets guests at the wine and cheese reception at the Friday evening department reception, including Alexis Gilbert, currently a student at Emory majoring in History and Economics, and her father, Ronald Gilbert, and Anne Boring, a current History major.

  • Welcome reception to History alums, Homecoming 2011.

  • Associate Professor Matt Payne welcomes Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and History, Ellie Schainker, new to the department in fall 2011, to the Homecoming Celebration.

  • Professor of African History, Clifton Crais, discusses his current work "History Lessons: A Family Memoir of Madness, Memory, and the Wonders of the Brain", at our Saturday morning coffee with Emory History faculty.

  • Faculty gathering to enjoy the alumni reception include, Yanna Yannakakis, Ellie Schainker, Tom Rogers, and Kristin Mann (former chair).

  • Jim Roark, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of American History, and Associate Professor Matt Payne enjoy conversation with Polly Price and Chris Caplinger, Director of the First Year Experience at Georgia Southern University, and graduate from with BA in High Honors from Emory in 1993.

In the fall, the History Department joined in the Homecoming Weekend festivities on September 22 -25. On Friday, September 23, we hosted a Reception for Alumni and Friends, and on Saturday, Professor Clifton Crais gave an informal talk over coffee and pastries on his current research, "History Lessons: A Family Memoir of Madness, Memory, and the Wonders of the Brain." Above are photos from the event featuring members of the department and returning alumni as well as current students.

We would enjoy seeing you again and having a chance to catch up during one of our department events. Each year, our department sponsors many talks, seminars and other activities. We welcome you to any of our history department events. We would like to give our alumni and friends a special invitation to some upcoming events that are particularly created for them. Of course, the events are all free and open to the public! If you would like to let us know you are coming, please please drop us a line.

Upcoming Alumni Events

Recent Alumni Events

Judith Evans-GrubbsRoman Slavery Event

On March 23, 2011, we welcomed our new colleague, Professor Judith Evans-Grubbs (B.A. Emory, Classics and English), the first holder of the Betty Gage Holland Chair in Roman History. Professor Evans-Grubbs spoke on "Roman Slavery, Thomas Jefferson, and the Classical Tradition." Professor Evans-Grubbs is the author of Law and Family in Late Antiquity: The Emperor Constantine’s Marriage Legislation (Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1995) and Women and the Law in the Roman Empire: A Sourcebook on Marriage, Divorce, and Widowhood (Routledge, 2002). Her research focuses on law and the family in the Roman world, especially during the imperial and late antique periods. This talk inaugurated the Betty Gage Holland Chair of Roman History. See the Emory Report article featuring Professor Evans-Grubbs.