Emory History Department Newsletter-May 2007

The undergraduate program has flourished in the 2006-07 academic year.   The newly revised major requirements, allowing students to concentrate their coursework in one of three areas (U.S. history, European history, or World history) are in place, and we are encouraging faculty to develop other area and thematic concentration options as well. A total of 79 history majors and joint majors received BA/BS degrees in 2006-2007, including seven BA/MA degrees: Andrew Callam, Ilyse Fishman, Heather Greenfield, Steven Haag, Benjamin Siegel, Mark Swails, and Matthias Whitson-Singer.

The newly revised honors program now begins in the Junior year (although allowing for late entries in the Senior year as well) and features an Honors seminar in which students focus on both the ‘nuts and bolts’ of historical research and key issues of historiography.  The results are impressive; 12 students graduated with honors:  Andrew Callam, High Honors; Andrew Dekle, Highest Honors; Ilyse Fishman, High Honors; Andrew Fleming, Highest Honors; Heather Greenfield, High Honors; Steven Haag, Highest Honors; Katharine Kent, High Honors; Andrew Michigan, High Honors; Roelof Opperman, High Honors; Benjamin Siegel, Honors; Mark Swails, Highest Honors; Matthew Walker, Highest Honors.

Another addition to the undergraduate program this year is the CLIO prize ($100) for the best paper written in a freshman seminar (History 190) or Colloquium (History 487/488/489).  This year’s winners are freshman Christina Welsch and seniors Neal Robin and Marc Pinto.

Other history student achievements and awards this year:

Andrew Callam won the George Cuttino prize for excellence in European History, Mark Swails won the Jack Rabun prize for excellence in American History and Laura Kim won the Matthew Carter citizen-scholar award.

Robbie Brown and Steven Haag won Bobby Jones scholarships to the University of St. Andrews for the 2007-2008 academic year. Brown also received the Emory College MacMullan Award for outstanding graduating senior (and immediately donated the $20,000 prize to the orphanage founded by fellow Emory class of 2007 student Elizabeth Sholtys).

Elizabeth Saluke, Ethan Schiff, Ian Whittle, and Christina Hagan won Cuttino study abroad scholarships and fellowships for Summer 2007.  Saluke is studying in Cape Town, Schiff in London and Reading, Whittle in Madrid, and Hagan will be enrolled in a Polish language program in Lublin.  The undergraduate program continues to benefit from George Cuttino’s generosity!

Finally, in April the history honor society, Phi Alpha Theta, organized a very special surprise ‘thank you’ party for Becky Herring, the undergraduate coordinator, without whom the undergraduate program could not function, let alone flourish! --Cynthia Patterson

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