Emory History Department Newsletter-May 2007

The year just past was an excellent one for the graduate program, which has been participating in the trend toward globalization. With the recent addition of Asia, the department now offers the Ph. D. in five areas: U. S., Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  Fourteen of our current total of seventy-nine graduate students are citizens of nations other than the U.S. Many of our students have received special fellowships or other awards from Emory, and at least five have recently received prestigious grants from outside agencies: Daniel Domingues da Silva (Mellon Foundation), Daniel Krebs (McNeil Center, University of Pennsylvania), Joe Renouard (Gerald R. Ford Foundation), Uri Rosenheck (Conference on Latin American History), and Jorge Troisi-Melean (International Congress of Americanists). As in recent years, many of our students have presented papers at scholarly conferences, including several international conferences. At least three have recently published scholarly articles: Daniel Krebs, Joe Renouard, and Jorge Troisi-Melean. Fourteen new students, one short of the all-time record, joined the program in the fall of 2006. Recruitment this spring again went well, and eleven new students will enroll in the fall of 2007. In January we were saddened by the death of our distinguished colleague, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. Another pillar of the graduate program, William Beik, has just retired. Filling a long vacant faculty position, Robert Desrochers has joined the department to teach the American Revolution and the Early National period. --John Juricek

Recently Awarded PhD's

Six of our students were awarded their doctoral degrees in May:

Tracey L. Billado, “The Politics of ‘Evil Customs’ in Eleventh-Century Anjou” (White)

Kevin F. Bradley, “The Development of the London Underground, 1840-1933: The Transformation of the London Metropolis and the Role of Laissez-Faire in Urban Growth” (Finn)

Jonathyne W. Briggs, “Anarchie en France: Hypermodernity and French Popular Music, 1958-1981” (Amdur)

Marni Davis, “’On the Side of Liquor’: American Jews and the Politics of Alcohol, 1870-1926” (Prude)

Carolyn W. Mbajekwe, “A Vision for Black Colleges in a Post-Brown America: Benjamin E. Mays, Frederick D. Patterson, and the Quest for a Cultural Pluralism-Based Definition of Collegiate Desegregation” (Davis)

Paul M. O’Grady, “Vital Arteries: A History of the Streets of New York, 1783-1863” (Prude)


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