Study Abroad

The History department encourages students to study abroad. students should consult Emory College Study Abroad for information on programs, requirements, and application procedures. History courses taken abroad are given the Emory equivalent of History 385 for upper level courses and History 285 for lower level courses. In general, upper level courses require a paper (of at least 3000 words) using primary and secondary sources, while lower level courses require less (at least 2000 words) and more informal writing. All students taking history courses abroad are required to show their written work to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the History department for final approval of Emory credit. The History department places no limit on the number of courses taken abroad that can be used towards the major. Students should be aware, however, that only three 200 level courses can count toward the major and should consult with their advisors and/or the Director of Undergraduate Studies about the suitability of their study abroad program.

The History department also supports student study abroad with its Cuttino scholarship program.