Joint Major in History and Religion

The departments of History and Religion offer an interdisciplinary joint major as an alternative to a departmental or double major.  The joint major seeks a coherence which draws upon expertise in each department to aid the student in fashioning an individual program of study.  The goal of the program is a logical and focused curriculum for exploring the role of religion in history.  Student participation in the intellectual life of each department is thus a high priority, and the exact nature of the individual class list should be worked out in consultation with advisors in each department.  There are no geographical or chronological limits placed on this joint major.

Completion of the joint major requires a minimum of a C average (2.0) in the major.  

Overall Requirement

48-56 hours (15 courses)


Twenty-three hours (7 courses), to include:

  • One tradition-specific course (with approval of adviser)
  • Relition 300
  • Religion 490W
  • Four additional courses, two of which must be at the 300-level or above


Twenty-five hours (8 courses), of which 5 courses must be at the 300-level or above, addressing subject matter common to the two disciplines, and one of which must be a colloquium (Hist.487RW, 488RW, or 489RW).

Term Papers

Joint majors will write at least one term paper in their junior year and one term paper in their senior year.  One of these papers must be written in conjunction with a History course taken by the student, the other in conjunction with a Religion course.  These papers will focus on the historical development of religion or religious ideas.

The class list must be approved by an adviser in each department.

***Revised Fall 2013***