Joint Major in History and Art History

A program of courses should be worked out in consultation with the undergraduate advisors in each department. Minimum requirements are as follows:


Nineteen credit hours (normally six courses), including:

  • Five courses at or above the 300 level
  • at least one 400-level course (e.g. History 487RW, 488RW, or 489RW)

Art History

Twenty-seven credit hours including:

  • One of the introductory survey courses (ARTHIST 101 or 102, 4 credit hours) is required, but may not be applied to the four divisions (see below).
  • ARTVIS 111 or ARTVIS 112. If taken before Fall 2014, one Visual Arts course may fulfill this requirement.
  • Minimum twelve credit hours (three courses) at the 300 level or above; of these three courses, at least one course must be at the 400-level (4 credit hours).
  • At least one course in each of the following four divisions is required:

1.  Ancient Mediterranean

2.  Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Europe

3.  Modern and Contemporary art and architecture in Europe, the United States, Africa, and the African Diaspora

4.  Ancient Americas, Africa, Islam, and Asia

No more than four hours (one course) in Supervised Reading and Research (ARTHIST 398) may be applied to the joint major. Neither Honors (ARTHIST 495) nor an internship (ARTHIST 397) may be applied to the joint major.