Volume 6: From Climactic Destruction to Economic Revitalization: Commerce, Disease and War in Eurasia, 1200-1900

2015 Edition

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Dr. Tonio Andrade

The Not So Little Little Ice Age: Climate Change Impacts on the Collapse of the Yuan and Ming Dynasty
Mary Anderson

Peaceful Buddhists Monks Transformation into Martial A1is Masters: An Examination of the Development of Martial Arts at the Shaolin Monastery
Warren Kember

Beyond Yi Sun-Shin and the Ming: The Performance of the Korean Army during the First Japanese Invasion of Korea, 1592-1596
Kyeong-bok Lee

The Self-Strengthening Movement: Inevitable Failure? A historiographical review on the Self-Strengthening Movement in comparison with the Meiji Restoration
Shine Sun

The Role of Ortoy Merchants in the Mongolian Court: From the Rise of the Mongol Empire to the Fall of Yuan Dynasty
Peter Bozian

The Rise and Fall of Khoja Rule in Altishahr
Kolia Kroeger

Early Modern Understanding of Medicine: A Historiographical Review
Mina Mukherjee

The Transportation Revolution: The Narrative of a Revolutionized Economy
Jack Kuhr