Volume 5: The Age of Gunpowder - An Era of Technological, Tactical, Strategic, and Leadership Innovations

2013 Edition

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Dr. Tonio Andrade

Choe Mu-Seon and The Early Era of Wokou Piracy: Catalyst for the Development of Gunpowder in Korea, a Precursor of Korea-Japan Diplomacy
Peter Kim

Gunpowder as a Vehicle for the Power Aggrandizement of King Sukchong
June (Seo Jung) Park

Wrath of the Khans: Ming Border Policy, 1368-1574
Benjamin Sinvany

Why Mysore? The Idealistic and Materialistic Factors Behind Tipu Sultan’s War Rocket Success
Arish Jamil

The Downfall of the Iroquois
Sam Bleiweis

A Country Dangerous for Discipline: The Clash and Combination of Regular and Irregular Warfare during the French and Indian War
Nicole Goetz

Surpassing Xerxes: The Advent of Ottoman Gunpowder Technology in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Kyle Johnson

The Decline of Japanese Firearm Manufacturing and Proliferation in the Seventeenth Century
Alex Astroth

The Naval Component of the Battle of Shubra Khit
George Granberry

The Causes of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Loss at Waterloo 1815
Eric Huh

The Empress Dowager’s Role in the Reforms of 1898
Kim Black

Technological Diffusion in Early-Meiji Naval Development, 1880-1895
Cathryn Morette