Volume 2: China in World History

2008 Edition

Editorial Board

China in World History Cover Image

Dr. Tonio Andrade

"An Arrogant Rejection of Foreign Ideas or a Tactful Rejection of Subservience?: the Gentry's Rejection of Christianity in Nineteenth Century China"
Ian Deeks

"From Shanghai to Dixie: Tsoong Kia-Tsing at Emory College"
Stephanie Diiullo

"The Use of Foreign Soldiers During the Taiping Rebellion"
Alex Gouzoules

"Death, Beginnings, and the Travels of C.K. Marshall"
Robert Hale

"The Taiwan Issue"
Nikhil Khanna

"Uncovering Mary Houston: an Investigation of Her Relationship with Her Husband Young J. Allen and the World Around Her"
Sofia Mirkopoulos

China in World History Cover Image

"The Life and Works of Philip J. Jaffe: a Foreigner's Foray Into Chinese Communism"
Patrick Nichols

"The Tungan Rebellion"
Lewis Ouksel

"an Identity Crisis: the Post-1949 Influence of International Art on Chinese Art and Society"
Stefanie Rubin

"From Poland to Shanghai"
Eric Shaffer

"Confucianism and the Macartney Mission: Dispelling the Myth of Chinese Arrogance"
Sana Shakir

"Missionary Women in China: Changing China, Changing Themselves"
Lisa Spees