Volume 1: Truthiness

2007 Edition

Editorial Board

Introduction: Why Truthiness?
Dr. Tonio Andrade

Debating Economic Anthropology within a Primitive Context
Joseph Onorati

So, Says I, We Are a Brutal Kind: The Dahomey Kingdom's Great Transition
Meghan Weddle

AIDS in Zimbabwe: How Sociopolitical Issues Hinder the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
Jovonna Rodriguez

The Rwandan Genocide: The True Motivations for Mass Killings
Moise Jean

Unlikely Assistance: How the Chinese and the Japanese Saved 20,000 Jews in Shanghai during World War II
Ian Deeks

An Ongoing Jewish Diaspora: The Story of the Cuban Jews
Jaclyn Steinberg

Cubanonomics: Mixed Economy in Cuba during the Special Period
Brendan Dolan

Cacao: Impetus for the Creation of an Independent Venezuela
Laura Kim

Franciscan Missions in Alta California
Calley Hart

Panama and Noriega: "Our SOB"
Scott Rosenberg

The Keys to British Success in South Asia
Colin Watterson

The Second Great Divergence: The Rise of India and the Fall of the American Dream
Philip Goo