Anastasiia Strakhova



B.A. in History, International Solomon University
M.A. in Comparative History, Central European University

Research Interests

Jewish History
Russian Empire

Dissertation Topic

"The Image of America in the Yiddish and Russian-language Jewish Press Published in Saint Petersburg, 1881-1914"

Faculty Advisor

Eric Goldstein
Ellie R. Schainker


I am interested in Jewish emigration from the Late Russian Empire to America and transatlantic cultural exchanges, which followed the resettlement creating strong transnational bonds between Jewish communities on both sides of the ocean. I devoted my Master's thesis to the image of America portrayed on the pages of Voskhod [The Sunrise], one of the most influential Jewish journals published in Saint Petersburg during 1881-1906. For my dissertation project I plan to look at the representations of America in other Yiddish and Russian-language Jewish periodicals published in the Imperial capital during the reign of Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II.