Anthony Sciubba

Anthony Sciubba


BA in History and Religion, Pepperdine University, 2011
MA in History of Christianity, Yale Divinity School, 2013
MSt in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, Oxford University, 2014

Research Interests

Late Antiquity
Early Christianity

Dissertation Topic

Early Christian Reactions to Slavery in Late-Antique Egypt, Greece, and Rome

Faculty Advisors

Judith Evans Grubbs
Cynthia Burchell Patterson


I am an ancient historian specializing in the social, intellectual, and political dimensions of late antiquity with a keen interest in the interactions between early Christians, second-temple Jews, and their pagan neighbors. I have benefited from studying Latin, Greek, and Syriac sources for later Roman history alongside the epigraphic, paleographic, and archaeological remains of the early Byzantine Empire. My current inquiry seeks to explore the ways in which late-antique intellectual changes were implemented on a socio-political level with particular reference to slavery and dispute resolution in the ancient world.

Over the last two years I have enjoyed teaching courses on a wide range of topics to undergraduate, high school, and middle school students. While at Oxford I designed and taught an upper-division course with Pepperdine University's London program entitled, "The History of Christianity in England", while also studying as a Scholar-in-Residence at The Kilns - the former home of C.S. Lewis. I spent the last year in a rigorous public school teaching European history to high school students utilizing a seminar-style approach, and I also had a fantastic time teaching Latin to fifth, sixth, and seventh graders. In recent months I enjoyed giving a guest lecture at an internship course in Pepperdine's Washington D.C. program.