Rebekah Ramsay

Rebekah Ramsay


BA in History, Houghton College, 2008

Research Interests

Central Asia/Kazakhstan
Soviet History
Islam and Modernity

Dissertation Topic

"Cultural Revolution in Early Soviet Kazakhstan, 1921-1941"

Faculty Advisors

Matthew Payne


I am a PhD Candidate in the History Department, researching the early Soviet "cultural revolution" in Kazakhstan. Over the course of the 1920s and 1930s, Kazakh nomadic pastoralist communities, relatively autonomous under the Russian empire, were forcibly integrated into the Soviet Union. This transformation was accompanied by massive devastation, violence, and famine, but it also laid the foundation for ongoing Kazakh participation in the new Soviet society. My dissertation focuses on the cultural integration of rural Kazakh communities and the formation of an idea of Kazakh Soviet citizenship. In addition to expanding the English-language scholarship on Kazakh history, I hope my research will contribute to broader discussions about the interplay of imperialism and modernization, the construction of citizenship in multiethnic states, and the histories of religion, literacy, and gender.