Julia López Fuentes


BA in History and French, Mount Holyoke College, 2014

Research Interests

Modern/Contemporary Spain
Europeanization/European Integration
Democracy and Democratization
Memory Politics

Dissertation Topic

"Thinking Europe: Franco, the European Economic Community, and the Struggle for a European Spain, 1962-1986"

Faculty Advisors

Walter L. Adamson
Astrid M. Eckert


My research examines the idea of Europe and the development of a self-conscious European identity throughout Europe, and specifically in Spain, in the wake of World War II. More concretely, I focus on the role of intellectuals in Spanish society in creating and disseminating a particular idea of what it meant for Spaniards to be European, and a particular path through which to fulfill that “European vocation”: the European Economic Community (EEC). I seek to better understand the relationship between the Spanish intellectual community, the Franco regime, the EEC, democratization, and Spanish society at large.