Julia López Fuentes

Julia Lopez Fuentes


BA in History and French, Mount Holyoke College, 2014

Research Interests

Modern Europe
European Unification
Modern Spain
Democracy & Dictatorship
Memory Studies

Dissertation Topic

"Thinking Europe, Thinking Democracy: Spanish Intellectuals and the Struggle for European Democracy in Spain, 1949-1986"

Faculty Advisors

Walter L. Adamson
Astrid M. Eckert


I'm a historian of postwar Europe and the idea of Europe. My current research examines the role of Europeanism and Europeanist associations in the democratic opposition to Spain's Franco regime. Ideas of Europe and of Spain's European belonging brought individuals and groups together from across the political spectrum, from inside Spain and the diaspora, and often from opposite sides of the Spanish Civil War. My dissertation traces how these transnational Europeanist associations became testing grounds for democratic practices as well as for European politics and international relations during the dictatorship. After the dictator's death in 1975, the mutually reinforcing ideas and practices of Europe and of democracy developed in these associations helped lay the foundation for the democratic state. Generous grants from the European Union Studies Association, the Emory University Department of History, and the Mount Holyoke College History Department have funded my research for this project in Spanish state archives, the papers of Spanish Europeanists associations and individuals, the Historical Archive of the European Union, and the archives of the United States Department of State.

I also work on issues of historical memory and memory politics, and the role of the Holocaust and the Second World War in contemporary understandings of European history and unity. A fellowship with the Auschwitz Jewish Center and an internship with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where I have been a long-time volunteer, inform my work in memory studies and inspire my interest in public history.