Claudia Kreklau

Claudia Kreklau


BA History and Culture, University of Warwick, UK
MA History of Medicine, University of Warwick, UK
MA History, Emory University, USA

Research Interests

Nineteenth-century Germany
Gender, class and race
Food and foodways
The interplay of philosophic, scientific, and medical ideas with social and cultural ones

Dissertation Topic

Making the Middle Class through Food, Foodways, and Food Discourses in Nineteenth-Century Germany

Faculty Advisor

Brian Vick


My dissertation uses food, foodways, and food discourses as a lens for exploring the interplay of political and industrial changes with social and cultural developments in nineteenth-century Germany, focusing on "middle class" identity formation. I ask how food, foodways, and food discourses functioned as tools for food-workers (housewives, cooks, maids, etc.) and their employers/families in creating middling identity at economic, political, and cultural levels. My narrative begins with German rural customs of the social middle in the last years of the Holy Roman Empire, and ends with "modern" consumption habits of the urban, industrial bourgeoisie in the fin-de-siècle.

After completing my degrees in History and Culture and the History of Medicine at the University of Warwick, UK, I spent a semester at the Autonomous University of Madrid as a visiting student in the History of Science. Since joining Emory's History department in 2013, I have developed my interests in the history of science and aesthetics, sexuality and cosmetic practice, royal, cosmopolitan, and colonial consumption, as well as kitchens, recipe books, and food substitutes in conference papers and articles.

I have been supported by the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme, Warwick University, the Wellcome Trust, London, the German Historical Institute, Washington, the South East German Studies Colloquium, the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the Central European History Society of the American Historical Association, as well as Emory University's Graduate Student Council, Professional Development Support Fund, and Laney Graduate School.