Jennifer Jurgens


BA in History, with a minor in Social Thought, UCLA, 2016

Research Interests

American religious history
American political history
Intellectual history
Political and state violence

Dissertation Title


Faculty Advisors

Daniel LaChance


I am interested generally in the intellectual histories of American political and religious movements and traditions, with specific interests in how these traditions interact on behalf of the state with regards to American warmaking and control/use of individual bodies. I explore how the politics of loss and the rhetoric of the American jeremiad operated alternately in conjunction with and in opposition to ideas of American providential blessing or exceptionalism in American war efforts from the mid-19th century on. My interest in how political and religious rhetorics influence and interact has led to a general interest in American Protestant print culture in the 19th and early 20th centuries. I also look at the broader role of providential, apocalyptic, and revelatory thought in the American political tradition. Additionally, I am intrigued by the response that religious communities had to emergent war and communications technologies and their usage in warmaking and the mediation of war generated trauma and grief.