Audrey Henderson



BA in Anthropology with a concentration in Applied Anthropology, UNC-Charlotte, 2009
MA in Latin American Studies, UNC-Charlotte, 2013
MA in History, Emory University, 2017

Research Interests

Modern Mexico
Agrarian Studies
Development History
Legal Studies
Environmental History

Dissertation Topic

"The Usefulness of Land: Agrarian Transformation and Development in 20th Century Valley of Mexico"

Faculty Advisors

Yanna Yannakakis
Thomas D. Rogers
Clifton Crais
Jeffrey Lesser


I am a doctoral candidate, Emory Graduate Diversity Fellow, and Emory Diversifying Graduate Education Ambassador who specializes in twentieth-century agrarian transformation, land reform, and urban development in the Valley of Mexico. My dissertation focuses on how long-standing native and migrant farmers used agricultural and legal strategies to promote economic productivity and improve environmental conditions on polluted, marginal lands over the last hundred years. While regional studies have been largely about the top-down failures of urban development, my project addresses how development functioned in such extreme environmental conditions and wealth inequality from a gendered, bottom-up framework.

My passions include environmentalism, first-generation mentorship, and social justice. These themes play integral roles in my pedagogy and research. I have taught History of Mexico, Society and Environment in Latin American History, and Global Farming: Food, Power, and Progress at the UNC-Charlotte and Latin America: A History at Emory. I am a firm believer that creating a supportive space for critical historical analysis allows students to make sense of global inequality and become active agents of change. Over the years, I have received generous support from the James R. Scobie Award (Conference on Latin American History), FLAS Grant in Nahuatl (U.S Department of Education), Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies Scholarship (Yale University), Joseph Mathews Prize (Emory University), John Robson Piedmont Sustainability Fellowship (Emory University), and Professional Development Support Funds (Emory University). In 2014, I was awarded a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship honorable mention.

If you have any questions about my research or the graduate program, please feel free to contact me.