Luke Hagemann

Luke Hagemann


BA in History & Classics, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2014
MA in History, York University, 2015

Research Interests

Imperial Rome
Roman law
Provincial experience and agency
Ancient slavery
Empire and imperial ideology

Dissertation Title

A Fisco Petit: The Redistribution of Imperial Wealth and Property to Provincials in the Roman Empire

Faculty Advisors

Judith Evans Grubbs


My research broadly focuses on the interactions between the inhabitants of the Roman empire and its governing apparatus, particularly as seen through a legal lens. My current project asks how and why state property was widely sold, leased, and given away to private individuals throughout the provinces of the Roman world during the first four centuries CE. Through an analysis of legal, epigraphic, literary, and papyrological evidence, I argue that this process provided economic opportunity for provincials while simultaneously legitimizing imperial rule. It was one of the most frequent occasions for interaction between private individuals and the Roman administration.

I am also investigating the role that the emperors played in the ancient slave trade.