Luke Hagemann

Luke Hagemann


BA in History & Classics, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2014
MA in History, York University, 2015

Research Interests

Classical and Late Antiquity
Provincial Experience and Agency
Roman Law
Imperial Ideology
Roman Economy
Ancient Slavery

Dissertation Title

A Fisco Petit: The Redistribution of Imperial Wealth and Property to Provincials in the Roman Empire

Faculty Advisors

Judith Evans Grubbs
Cynthia Burchell Patterson


I am a historian of imperial Rome, and my research focuses on the experiences and interactions of the empire’s inhabitants with the apparatus of the state. My dissertation examines how imperial property was sold, leased, and given to provincials in the first four centuries CE. Through a study of legal, literary, epigraphic, and papyrological sources, I seek to offer a new analysis of the impact that this wealth redistribution had on the ancient economy, of the role that imperial officials on the ground played in alienating it, and of the agency that provincials exercised in petitioning for it.