Louis Fagnan

Louis Fagnan


BA in History, McGill University, 2006
MA in History, McGill University, 2007

Research Interests

20th Century U.S. Political History
Popular Culture

Dissertation Topic


Faculty Advisor

Joesph Crespino


I received my B.A in 2006 from McGill University where I studied British history. My honors thesis, Hats Off to the Empire: Les music-halls, la classe ouvrière et l'impérialisme britannique [Hats Off to the Empire: Music-halls, the Working-Class and British Imperialism] analyzed the popularity of music-halls' imperialist themed spectacles with the working-class in Britain. Subsequently, my intellectual interests sailed across the Atlantic as I pursued an M.A. in American History, also at McGill University. My masters thesis analyzed the political debate surrounding the appearance of the ¿parental advisory¿ label on records in order to explore the nature, dynamics and extent of the political appeal of social conservatism during Reagan¿s presidency, as well as the transformation of popular culture in general. My current focus is 20th century American history. I am interested in the rise of conservatism in the second half of the century and the intersection of popular culture and politics.