Mary Grace DuPree


BA in Classics, Russian, and English, University of the South in Sewanee
MA in Religion, Georgia State Uiversity

Research Interests

Byzantine Iconography
Manuscript Illumination
Monastic Office
Medieval Religious Imagery


"Faces of David: Late Antique and Medieval David Cycles in East and West"

Faculty Advisors

Judith Evans Grubbs
Elizabeth Pastan


My work joins together history, religion, and art history. My chief interest is in examining the ways in which medieval religious imagery altered the ways people re-imagined God and their own past. My dissertation explores the story of the Biblical King David as told in visual narrative in Coptic, Byzantine, Western Medieval and Crusader art, spanning the period ca. 600-1200. My MA from Georgia State looks at the autobiography of the early 3rd-century North African martyr Perpetua, and the way in which Perpetua’s visions helped build a Christian theology of martyrdom and prophecy. Visions, liturgy, and the theological framework that both produce lie at the heart of my work.