Emilie Cunning

Emilie Cunning


B.A. University College of London
M.A. University of Cambridge

Research Interests

US Foreign Policy and Empire
The Carceral State & Policing
Cold War Civil Rights
War and the State

Dissertation Title

"Empire Incorporated: Cold War Visions and Dissent in the Post-War Era"

Faculty Advisors

Daniel LaChance
Mary L. Dudziak


I am a historian of the 20th century United States, focusing on the intersections of race, political ideology and foreign policy mainly in the immediate post-war era from 1945 to the 1970s. I am interested in the rise of the carceral state during a period of "liberal order" in the 1960s as well as the growth of the military-industrial complex during the early years of the Cold War. My research will focus around how those in dissent to the system of US "empire" during this period utilised transnational connections to argue their case, particularly in respect to Civil Rights activists who fought against their incorporation into the US vision of global empire while also simultaneously using the world stage to advance their cause. I have been educated in the United Kingdom, where I completed my BA at University College London at the Institute of the Americas and my MPhil at Cambridge University, where I completed my thesis on the Vietnam War era program Project 100,000. This thesis, titled "Manpower, Militarization, and Masculinity: The Rehabilitation of America’s Illiterate Army in the Vietnam War, 1963-1990" received a distinction from the Cambridge History faculty and I plan on publishing the core findings of the paper in journal form in the coming years. I will be working with Professor Daniel LaChance and Professor Mary Dudziak here at Emory.