Jonathan Coulis


BA in History, McMaster University, 2008
MA in History and International Development, University of Guelph, 2011

Research Interests

Modern Brazil
Commodity Chains

Dissertation Topic

"Unexpected Revolutionaries: Economists, Agronomists, and Farmers Cultivating Modernity in Brazil's Coffee Fields 1954-1989"

Faculty Advisors

Jeffrey Lesser
Thomas D. Rogers
Yanna Yannakakis


My dissertation focuses on social, economic, and environmental transformations in the Brazilian coffee growing areas during the second half of the twentieth-century. I examine how state led modernization schemes impacted coffee farmers, labourers, and agricultural environments. The project stems from my interests in the human relationships that enable and shape global commodity flows.

I am a candidate in Latin American history focusing on modern Brazil. My research has been supported by the Hal Rothman Dissertation Fellowship, the Brazilian Studies Association's Brazil Initiation Scholarship, Emory University's Professional Development Support Funds, and the Emory History Department's Joseph J. Mathews Prize.