Alexander Cors

Alexander Cors


BA in History/ Geography, University of Augsburg (Germany), 2014
MA in Historical Sciences, University of Augsburg, 2016
MA in Interdisciplinary European Studies, University of Augsburg, 2017

Research Interests

Colonial Latin America
Atlantic World
Economic History
Migration and Settlement Patterns
Cartography & GIS

Dissertation Topic

"Migration, Integration, and Coercion in Spanish Louisiana, 1762-1803"

Faculty Advisors

Yanna Yannakakis
Jeffrey Lesser
Thomas D. Rogers
James V. H. Melton


My research interests broadly encompass transatlantic history in the early modern period, from 1450 to 1850. Geographically, my focus is on Latin America and Europe. I am particularly interested in colonial Louisiana, the circum-Caribbean, and Bourbon Spain.

My current project investigates migration and settlement patterns, immigration policies, and discourses on foreigners in eighteenth-century Louisiana. I am particularly concerned with questions of ethnicity, integration, and identity in the early modern transatlantic empires of France and Spain. I am also interested in Digital Humanities, especially the use of GIS technology to create ethnolinguistic maps of the eighteenth-century Mississippi Valley.