Alexander Cors

Alexander Cors


BA in History and Geography, University of Augsburg (Germany), 2014
MA in Historical Sciences, University of Augsburg (Germany), 2016
MA in Interdisciplinary European Studies, University of Augsburg (Germany), 2016

Research Interests

Colonial Spanish America
Atlantic History
Economic History

Dissertation Topic


Faculty Advisors

Jeffrey Lesser
Thomas D. Rogers
Yanna Yannakakis
James V.H. Melton


My interest is in early modern history, approximately spanning the time from 1450 to 1850, with a geographical focus on Latin America and Europe.

While doing my undergraduate studies in history and geography at the University of Augsburg, I spent an ERASMUS semester at the University of Vienna, where I became intrigued by Atlantic History and Colonial Spanish America. I pursued Master’s Degrees in Historical Sciences and Interdisciplinary European Studies at the University of Augsburg to deepen my understanding of both colonial Latin America and early modern Europe.

At Emory, my current research focus is on Spanish Louisiana and Florida. I look at colonial Spanish and French transatlantic empires and the movement of people and goods within these entities. I’m particularly interested in long-term migration patterns, immigration polices and discourses on foreigners, as well as knowledge transfers between Europe and the northern Caribbean area in the eighteenth century.