Yan Hon Michael Chung

Yan Hon Michael Chung


B.A., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
M.Phil., The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Interests

Manchu - Qing Empire
Early Modern

Dissertation Topic

"Artillery Technology and Han Eight Banners Army — Negotiation between Han Military Elites and Pre-conquest Manchu State (1631-1643)"

Faculty Advisors

Tonio Andrade


I am a doctoral candidate and historian of early modern Chinese history, with a focus on the formation of the Qing empire. My dissertation project analyzes how European military technology intertwined with the ethnic discourse during the reign of Hong Taiji (1626-1643). I argue that the Chinese military elites used their artillery knowledge to negotiate with the Manchu/Qing state for a better political and social status, which eventually led to the creation of the Chinese division of the Eight Banners (hanjun baqi). In other words, instead of seeing the hanjun baqi as the Manchu state’s ethnic policy, I see it as a product of negotiation between the Chinese military elites and the Manchu ruling elites. Apart from Chinese sources, my dissertation project also relies on the pre-conquest Manchu sources.

Selected Publications:

  • Chung, Yan Hon Michael. “The Introduction of European-Style Artillery and the Reform of Siege Tactics in 17th Century China-a Case Study of the Tragedy of Jiangyin (1645).” Journal of Chinese military history 9, no. 1 (2020): 1–37.
  • Chung, Yan Hon Michael. “The Development and Impact of Hong Taiji’s Artillery Corps (1631–1643).” Journal of Chinese military history 10, no. 1 (2021): 1–40.