Asa G Candler Professor Emeritus, History

Stephen D. White, Asa G. Candler Professor Emeritus of Medieval History (A.B., Harvard College, 1965; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1972); social, legal, and political history of medieval France and England, with a focus on the study of disputes and dispute-processing, violence, law and literature, and the interdisciplinary study of medieval European legal and political culture. Author of Custom, Kinship, and Gifts to Saints: the Laudatio Parentum in Western France, 1050-1150Sir Edward Coke and the Grievances of the Commonwealth, 1621-1628Feuding and Peacemaking in Eleventh-Century France; and Re-Thinking Kinship and Feudalism in Early Medieval Europe.

I am currently completing a collection of essays on treason, vengeance and feuding in eleventh- and twelfth-century France and England; and a book manuscript provisionally entitled, "Bad Kings, Felonious Barons, and Unfaithful Ladies: The Representation of Treason Trials in Old French Literature, c.1150 to c.1240." Additional projects include: a study of the Conventum of Hugh of Lusignan; and a collaborative analysis of the Bayeux Tapestry with Professor Elizabeth Pastan (Art History, Emory University).

My Curriculum Vitae


  • BA, Harvard University, 1965.
  • PhD, Harvard University, 1972.


  • medieval French history
  • medieval and early modern British history