Recent PhDs


Morgan, Jennifer Elizabeth. "American Concubines: Gender, Race, Law, and Power in the British Caribbean and North American South, 1661-1800" (Harris and Yannakakis)

Sciubba, Anthony. "Social and Spiritual Intercession in the Fourth Century Monastic Archives of Late Antique Egypt" (Evans Grubbs)


López Fuentes, Julia. "Thinking Europe, Thinking Democracy: The Struggle for European Democracy in Spain, 1949-1986" (Adamson and Eckert)

Lu, Cheng-Heng. "The Art of being an Imperial Broker: The Qing Conquest of Taiwan and Maritime Society (1624-1788)" (Andrade)

Meyer, Emma C. "Resettling Burma’s Displaced: Labor, Rehabilitation, and Citizenship in Visakhapatnam, India, 1937-1979" (Pandey)

Ramsay, Rebekah A. "Kindling the Hearths of Culture: Kazakh Citizenship and Cultural Revolution on the Soviet Frontier, 1917-1937" (Payne)

Ray, Shatam. "Labors of Malwa: Opium, Environment, Work, and the Making of Modern Life in Nineteenth
Century Malwa, c.1790-1918" (Pandey)


Blank, Hanne I. "Southern Women, Feminist Health: Place, Politics, and Priorities in Five Feminist Women’s Health Organizations in the Southeastern U.S., 1970-1995" (Odem)

Casias, Cassandra M. M. "Bishops and Other Men’s Wives in the Later Roman Empire" (Evans Grubbs)

Coulis, Jonathan Earl. "Marching Rows of Coffee: The Pursuit of Modern Agriculture in Brazil, 1950–1990" (Rogers)

Meert, Abigail. "Suffering, Struggle, and the Politics of Legitimacy in Uganda, 1962-1996" (Crais)

Picone, María de los Ángeles. "Landscaping Patagonia: A Spatial History of Nation-making in the Northern Patagonian Andes, 1895-1945" (Lesser and Rogers)

Woodard, Stefanie Marie. "The Latecomers: Ethnic German Resettlers and Their Integration into West Germany, 1970-1990" (Eckert)

Zonderman, Andrew. "Immigrant Imperialism: Germans and the Rise of the British Empire" (Melton)


Britt, Andrew G. "'I’ll Samba Someplace Else': Constructing Identity and Neighborhood in São Paulo, 1930s-1980s" (Lesser and Rogers)

Brown, Christopher David. "Envisioning a City through Soccer in the Brazilian Amazon: Manaus, 1896–2016" (Lesser)

Fagnan, Louis. "'The Principles of Republicanism': Black and Tan Republicans in South Carolina, 1895-1950" (Crespino)

Kreklau, Claudia. "'Eat as the King Eats': Making the Middle Class through Food, Foodways, and Food
Discourses in Nineteenth-Century Germany" (Vick)

Parcells, Ashley N. "Ethnic Sovereignty and the Making of a Zulu Homeland in Apartheid South Africa" (Crais)

Wiggins, Danielle Lee. "Crime Capital: Public Safety, Urban Development, and Post-Civil Rights Black Politics in Atlanta" (Crespino)


Camp, William Michael. "Greater Abundance: Energy Production, Environmental Protection, and the Politics of Deregulation in the United States after the OAPEC Embargo" (Crespino)

Dube, Pankhuree R. "Adivasis and Artisanal Production: Pardhan Gonds of Mandla District, Central India, circa 1866-2001" (Pandey)


Bruchko, Erica Ann. "'Slave Traffick': The Informal Economy, the Law, and the Social Order of South Carolina Cotton Country, 1793-1860" (Roark)

Camou Viacava, Juan Andrés. "The Schoolchildren Will Come to Salute the Sun: The Making of Uruguay's Public Education System, 1830s" (Socolow and Yannakakis)

Dean, Ashleigh Fern. "'Never Trust the Chinese:' The Pedro de Alfaro Mission and Trans-Pacific International Relations, 1565- 1630" (Andrade)

Libson, Scott P. "'Faith in Money': Mission Movement Fundraising and American Philanthropy, 1860-1930" (Allitt)

Nobbs-Thiessen, Benjamin J.. "Cultivating the State: Migrants, Citizenship and the Transformation of the Bolivian Lowlands, 1952-2000" (Lesser)

Reuther, Jessica Catherine. "Borrowed Children, Entrusted Girls: Legal Encounters with Girlhood in French West Africa, c. 1900 - 1941" (Mann)

Reynolds, Colin Edward. "The Not-So-Far Right: Radical Right-Wing Politics in the United States, 1941-1977" (Crespino)

Svarch, Ariel. "Four Jews, Five Identities: Representation, Popular Culture, and language Politics in the Making of Jewish-Argentines (Buenos Aires, 1930-1945)" (Lesser)


Goodman, Glen Skiles. "From "German Danger" to German-Brazilian President: Immigration, ethnicity, and the making of Brazilian identities, 1924-1974" (Lesser)

Hatfield, Edward Adair. "The Too-Busy City: Atlanta and Urbanity at the End of the Twentieh Century" (Crespino)

Schaefer, Jennifer Lee. "Rebels, Martyrs, Heroes: Authoritarianism and Youth Culture in Argentina, 1966-1983" (Lesser)

Scionti, Andrea. "Not Our Kind of Anti-Communists: Americans and the Congress for Cultural Freedom in France and Italy, 1950-1969" (Allitt)

Wempe, Sean Andrew. "Lost at Locarno? Colonial Germans and the Redefinition of 'Imperial' Germany, 1919-1933" (Vick)


Bhattacharyya, Debjani. "Fictions of Possession: Land, Property and Capital in Colonial Calcutta, c. 1820 to c. 1920" (Lesser)

Byrnes, Sean Thomas. "The United States in Opposition: The United Nations, The Third World, and Changing American Visions of Global Order, 1970-1984" (Harbutt)

Dunn, John Kevin. "One-Hundred Million No Longer: Learning to Be French in the Era of Decolonization, 1944-1992" (Amdur)

Gill, Navyug. "Labours of Division: Peasant Castes and the Politics of Agrarian Hierarchy in Colonial Panjab" (Pandey)

Monroe, Alicia L.. "Brotherhoods of Their Own: Black Confraternities and Civic Leadership in SÌ£o Paulo, Brazil, 1850-1920" (Lesser)

Moskowitz, Kara Alexandra. "From Possibility to Postcolony: The Politics of Decolonization, Development, and Inequality in Kenya (c. 1950-1980)" (Crais)

Perry, Craig Allen. "The Daily Life of Slaves and the Global Reach of Slavery in Medieval Egypt, 969-1250 CE" (Rustow)

Rosenthal, Jill Robyn. "From 'Migrants' to 'Refugees': Humanitarian Aid, Development, and Nationalism in Ngara District, Tanzania, 1940-2000" (Crais)

Sawula, Christopher Paul. "From the Lower Sort to the Lower Orders: Labor and Self-Identity in Boston, 1737-1837" (Prude)

Schulman, Jason. "The Limits of Liberalism: A Constitutional Reconsideration of American Jewish Politics" (Goldstein)

Singh, Samir Indar. "For Whom the Blame Tolls: Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, and te Plight of Cambodi" (Harbutt)

Suk, Lena Oak. "Becoming Modern at the Movies: Gender, Class, and Urban Space in Twentieth-Century Brazil" (Lesser)

Troisi Melean, Jorge Cristian. "Uncomfortable Partners: The Franciscans of Cordoba, 1767-1829" (Melton and Socolow)

Vigil, D. Nathan. "Elusive Equality: The Nuclear Arms Race in Europe and the History of the INF Treaty, 1969-1988" (Harbutt)


Cook, Richard Andrew. ""[T]heir dear Idol ye Charter": The Second Charter of Massachusetts Bay" (Juricek)

Deo, Aditya Pratap. "Spirits, State Effects and Peoples' Politics: Negotiating Sovereignty in 20th Century Kanker, Central India" (Pandey)

Dinani, Husseina. "En-gendering the Postcolony: Women, Citizenship and Development in Tanzania, 1945-1985" (Crais)

Evangelista, Rhiannon. "From Dictatorship to Democracy? Giuseppe Bottai and the Legacy of Fascism in Italy, 1945-1960" (Adamson)

Gold, Jacqueline Audrey. "Moving Images: India on British Screens, 1917-1947" (Scully & Collins)

Irwin, Dana Drew. "Revolutionary Histrionics: Violence and the Creation of Bourgeois Masculinity in Post-Napoleonic France" (Miller)

Marques, Leonardo. "The United States and the Transatlantic Slave Trade to the Americas, 1776-1867" (Eltis)

McCullers, Molly Leigh. "Lines in the Sand: The Global Politics of Local Development in Apartheid-Era Namibia, 1950-1980" (Crais)

Mitra, Durba. "Restraining Desire: Women and the Regulation of Sexuality in Colonial Bengal, c. 1830-1930" (Pandey)

Pariser, Robyn Allyce. "Houseboy: Domestic Service and the Making of Colonial Dar es Salaam, 1919-1961" (Crais)

Pasqualini, Mauro. "The Adventures of the Unconscious: A Cultural History of Psychoanalysis in Italy, 1920-1940s" (Adamson)

Spillman, Daniel Glenn. "The Conservative Baby Boomers' Magazine: A History of The American Spectator and the Conservative Intellectual Movement, 1967-2001" (Allitt)


Bouldin, Elizabeth. "'Chosen Vessels': Protestant Women Prophets and the Language of Election in the Early Modern British Atlantic" (Melton & Strom)

Kizhakke Nedumpally, Sunandan. "Ways of Knowing: Asaris, Nampoothiris, and Colonialists in Twentieht-Century Malabar, India" (Crais)

Musoni, Francis. "With an Apron in the Caboose: Illegal Migration across the Zimbabwe-South Africa Border" (Crais)

Stice, Elizabeth. "Empire Between the Lines: Constructions of Empire in British and French Trench Newspapers of the Great War" (Amdur)


Armstrong, Katherine. "Thy Will Lord, Not Mine: Parents, Grief, and Child Death in the Antebellum South" (Roark)

Borucki, Alex. "From Shipmates to Soldiers: Emerging Black Identities in Montevideo, 1770-1850" (Eltis)

Cocar, Remalian. "Between a Righteous Citizenship and the Unfaith of the Family: The History of Released Time Religious Education in the United States" (Crespino)

Connelly, Patrick. "Nietzsche, Christianity, and Cultural Authority in the United States, 1890-1969" (Allitt)

Czeblakow, Agnieszka. "A Prison by Any Other Name: Incarceration in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Audiencia de Quito" (Premo)

Domingues da Silva, Daniel B.. "Crossroads: Slave Frontiers of Angola, c.1780-1867" (Eltis)

Elder, Robert. "Southern Saints and Sacred Honor: Evangelicalism, Honor, Community, and the Self in South Carolina and Georgia, 1784-1860" (Roark)

Madden, Amanda. "Vendetta Politcs and State Formation in Early Modern Modena: A Case Study of the Bellencini-Fontana Vendetta, 1547-1562" (Strocchia)

Maes, Cari Williams. "Progeny of Progress: Child-Centered Policymaking and National Identity Construction in Brazil, 1922-1954" (Lesser)

McPherson, Natasha. "'There Was a Tradition among the Women': New Orleans's Colored Creole Women and the Making of a Community in the Tremé and Seventh Ward Neighborhoods, 1791-1930" (Harris)

Rosenbaum, Adam. "Timeless, Modern, and German? The Re-Mapping of Bavaria through the Marketing of Tourism, 1800-1939" (Eckert)

Rosenheck, Uri. "Fighting for Home Abroad: Remembrance and Oblivion of World War II in Brazil" (Lesser)

Weinryb Grohsgal, Leah. "Reinventing Civil Liberties: Religious Groups, Organized Litigation, and the Rights Revolution" (Allitt)


Erby, Kelly. "Public Appetite: Dining Out in Nineteenth-Century Boston" (Prude)

Fidler, Katherine. "Rural Cosmopolitanism and Peasant Insurgency: The Pondoland Revolt, South Africa (1958-1963)" (Crais)

Hayes, Worth. "In Our Own Hands: Black Private Education in Chicago, 1940-1986" (Davis)

Hooper, Jane. "An Empire in the Indian Ocean: The Sakalava Empire of Madagascar" (Crais)

Vox, Lisa. "The Death Wish of Humanity: Religious and Scientific Apocalypticism in the United States, 1859-2001" (Allitt)


Carlson, Robert David. "Breach of Faith: Conscription in Confederate Georgia" (Roark)

Feagin, Jayme A.. "Sentimental Tools: Literary Narrative, Female Bodies and Medical Identities in France, 1795-1850" (Miller)

Gavorsky, Scott. "Ceding to the Circumstances: State Institutions, Civil Society, and Running to Schools at Maine-et-Loire, 1815-1875" (Miller)

Ioris, Rafael Rossotto. "'Fifty years in Five' and the Meanings of National Development in 1950s Brazil" (Lesser)

Misevich, Philip R.. "'Freedom:' Abolition and the Transformation of Atlantic Commerce in Southern Sierra Leone, 1790s to 1860s" (Eltis)

Pool, Jeremy. "Now is the Time of Youth: Youth, Nationalism, and Cultural Change in Ghana, 1940-1966" (Mann)

Powell, Douglas. "Magistrates and Municipal Politics: The Bordeaux Pariementaries during the Reign of Louis XIV" (Beik)

Prado, Fabricio. "In the Shadows of Empires: Trans-Imperial Networks and Colonial Identity in Bourbon Rio de la Plata (c. 1750-1813)" (Socolow)

Sylvester, Beverly. "Negotiating Unacceptable Behavior: Southeastern Indians and the Evolution of Bilateral Regulation on the Southern Colonial Frontier" (Juricek)

Thompson, Michael. "Working on the Dock of the Bay: Labor and Life along Charleston's Waterfront, 1783-1861" (Roark)


Conner, Robin. "Gendered Garrisons: Masculinity, Femininity, and Class Identity in the Post-Civil War Western Army, 1865-1898" (Odem)

Fulwider, Chad R.. "The Kaiser's Most Loyal Subjects? The German View of America and German Americans during World War I" (Eckert)

Harrison, Candice L.. "The Contest of Exchange: Space, Power, and Politics in Philadelphia's Public Markets, 1770-1859" (Prude)

Lewis, Mollie. "Con Men, Crooks, and Cinema Kings: Popular Culture and Jewish Identities in Buenos Aires, 1905-1930" (Lesser)

Luse, Christopher Allen. "'The Offspring of Infidelity': Polygenesis and the Defense of Slavery" (Roark)

Negwo, Assefa B.. "Church-Based Healing and the State in Ethiopia, 1900-1980" (Packard)

Ouellette, Cathy Marie. "Two Times Brazilian: Rio Grande do Sul and the Making of the Nation, 1891-1930" (Lesser)

Renouard, Joseph P.. "Limits and Morality: The Emergence of Human Rights in America's Post-Vietnam Foreign Policy, 1968-1981" (Harbutt)

Stewart, Caitlin. "Religious Diplomacy: American Protestants and a Jewish State, 1933-1979" (Allitt)

White, Carol L.. "The Practice of Cosmopolitanism: A Transnational Study of the Enlightenment in France and Geneva, 1755-1768" (Melton)

Willis, John C.. "Masquerading Politics: Power and Transformation in a West African Kingdom" (Mann)


Arrington, Andrea. "Power, Culture, and Colonial Development around Victoria Falls, 1880-1910" (Crais)

Bosnos, Karen. "Treason and Traitors in Norman and Anglo-Norman History, c. 1066-1135" (White)

Krebs, Daniel. "Approaching the Enemy: German Captives in the American War of Independence, 1776-1783" (Melton)

McGrath, Kate. "Medieval Anger: Rage and Outrage in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Anglo-Norman and Northern French Historical Narratives" (White)

Starostina, Natalia. "Engineering the Empire of Images: The Representations of Railways in Interwar France" (Amdur)


Bradley, Kevin. "The Development of the London Underground, 1840-1933: The Transformation of the London Metropolis and the Role of Laissez-Faire in Urban Growth" (Finn)

Briggs, Jonathyne. "Anarchie en France: Hypermodernity and French Popular Music, 1958-1981" (Amdur)

Coulibaly, Sylvia. "Kelly Miller, 1895-1939: Portrait of an African American Intellectual" (Carter)

Davis, Marni. "'On the Side of Liquor': American Jews and the Politics of Alcohol, 1870-1936" (Prude)

Houghtby, Jeffrey. "'Les Beins Communaux': Common Lands, Property Rights, and Agrarian Modernization in Early Modern Burgundy, 1550-1789" (Beik)

Kaschak, Brian. "Religion and the Search for Political Order in Early Modern Nimes: The Conseil de Ville, Confessional Conflict, and Political Culture, c. 1476-c.1715" (Beik)

Mbajekwe, Carolyn. "A Vision for Black Colleges in a Post-Brown America: Benjamin E. Mays, Frederick D. Patterson, and the Quest for a Cultural Pluralism-Based Definition of Collegiate Desegregation" (Davis)

O'Grady, Paul. "Vital Arteries: A History of the Streets of New York, 1783-1863" (Prude)