Recent PhDs


Abrahamson, Hannah R. "Women of the Encomienda: Households and Dependents in Sixteenth-Century Yucatan, Mexico" (Yannakakis)

Cors, Alexander M. "Newcomers and New Borders: Migration, Settlement, and Conflict over Land along the Mississippi River, 1750-1820" (Yannakakis)

DuPree, Mary Grace Gibbs. "Faces of David: Late Antique and Medieval David Cycles in East and West" (Evans Grubbs)

Goldmon, Camille J. "On the Right Side of Radicalism: African American Farmers, Tuskegee Institute, and Agrarian Radicalism in the Alabama Black Belt, 1881–1940" (Anderson)

Hagemann, Luke W. "'A Fisco Petit': The Redistribution of Imperial Wealth and Property to Provincials in the Roman Empire" (Evans Grubbs)

Romans, Timothy Reid. "The Rise and Fall of the Suetsugu Maritime Dynasty of Tokugawa Japan, 1571-1676" (Andrade and Ravina)

Stone, Madelyn. "Sovereignty Work: Policing Colonial Capitalism in South Africa, 1867–1936" (Crais)

Strakhova, Anastasiia. "Selective Emigration: Border Control and the Jewish Escape in Late Imperial Russia, 1881-1914" (Goldstein and Schainker)


Lambrecht, Rachel Lora. "Encountering Sovereignties: Popular Politics and State-Building in the Río de la Plata (1810-1820)" (Yannakakis)

Morgan, Jennifer Elizabeth. "American Concubines: Gender, Race, Law, and Power in the British Caribbean and North American South, 1661-1800" (Harris and Yannakakis)

Sciubba, Anthony. "Social and Spiritual Intercession in the Fourth Century Monastic Archives of Late Antique Egypt" (Evans Grubbs)


López Fuentes, Julia. "Thinking Europe, Thinking Democracy: The Struggle for European Democracy in Spain, 1949-1986" (Adamson and Eckert)

Lu, Cheng-Heng. "The Art of being an Imperial Broker: The Qing Conquest of Taiwan and Maritime Society (1624-1788)" (Andrade)

Meyer, Emma C. "Resettling Burma’s Displaced: Labor, Rehabilitation, and Citizenship in Visakhapatnam, India, 1937-1979" (Pandey)

Ramsay, Rebekah A. "Kindling the Hearths of Culture: Kazakh Citizenship and Cultural Revolution on the Soviet Frontier, 1917-1937" (Payne)

Ray, Shatam. "Labors of Malwa: Opium, Environment, Work, and the Making of Modern Life in Nineteenth
Century Malwa, c.1790-1918" (Pandey)


Blank, Hanne I. "Southern Women, Feminist Health: Place, Politics, and Priorities in Five Feminist Women’s Health Organizations in the Southeastern U.S., 1970-1995" (Odem)

Casias, Cassandra M. M. "Bishops and Other Men’s Wives in the Later Roman Empire" (Evans Grubbs)

Coulis, Jonathan Earl. "Marching Rows of Coffee: The Pursuit of Modern Agriculture in Brazil, 1950–1990" (Rogers)

Meert, Abigail. "Suffering, Struggle, and the Politics of Legitimacy in Uganda, 1962-1996" (Crais)

Picone, María de los Ángeles. "Landscaping Patagonia: A Spatial History of Nation-making in the Northern Patagonian Andes, 1895-1945" (Lesser and Rogers)

Woodard, Stefanie Marie. "The Latecomers: Ethnic German Resettlers and Their Integration into West Germany, 1970-1990" (Eckert)

Zonderman, Andrew. "Immigrant Imperialism: Germans and the Rise of the British Empire" (Melton)


Britt, Andrew G. "'I’ll Samba Someplace Else': Constructing Identity and Neighborhood in São Paulo, 1930s-1980s" (Lesser and Rogers)

Brown, Christopher David. "Envisioning a City through Soccer in the Brazilian Amazon: Manaus, 1896–2016" (Lesser)

Fagnan, Louis. "'The Principles of Republicanism': Black and Tan Republicans in South Carolina, 1895-1950" (Crespino)

Kreklau, Claudia. "'Eat as the King Eats': Making the Middle Class through Food, Foodways, and Food
Discourses in Nineteenth-Century Germany" (Vick)

Parcells, Ashley N. "Ethnic Sovereignty and the Making of a Zulu Homeland in Apartheid South Africa" (Crais)

Wiggins, Danielle Lee. "Crime Capital: Public Safety, Urban Development, and Post-Civil Rights Black Politics in Atlanta" (Crespino)


Camp, William Michael. "Greater Abundance: Energy Production, Environmental Protection, and the Politics of Deregulation in the United States after the OAPEC Embargo" (Crespino)

Dube, Pankhuree R. "Adivasis and Artisanal Production: Pardhan Gonds of Mandla District, Central India, circa 1866-2001" (Pandey)


Bruchko, Erica Ann. "'Slave Traffick': The Informal Economy, the Law, and the Social Order of South Carolina Cotton Country, 1793-1860" (Roark)

Camou Viacava, Juan Andrés. "The Schoolchildren Will Come to Salute the Sun: The Making of Uruguay's Public Education System, 1830s" (Socolow and Yannakakis)

Dean, Ashleigh Fern. "'Never Trust the Chinese:' The Pedro de Alfaro Mission and Trans-Pacific International Relations, 1565- 1630" (Andrade)

Libson, Scott P. "'Faith in Money': Mission Movement Fundraising and American Philanthropy, 1860-1930" (Allitt)

Nobbs-Thiessen, Benjamin J.. "Cultivating the State: Migrants, Citizenship and the Transformation of the Bolivian Lowlands, 1952-2000" (Lesser)

Reuther, Jessica Catherine. "Borrowed Children, Entrusted Girls: Legal Encounters with Girlhood in French West Africa, c. 1900 - 1941" (Mann)

Reynolds, Colin Edward. "The Not-So-Far Right: Radical Right-Wing Politics in the United States, 1941-1977" (Crespino)

Svarch, Ariel. "Four Jews, Five Identities: Representation, Popular Culture, and language Politics in the Making of Jewish-Argentines (Buenos Aires, 1930-1945)" (Lesser)


Goodman, Glen Skiles. "From "German Danger" to German-Brazilian President: Immigration, ethnicity, and the making of Brazilian identities, 1924-1974" (Lesser)

Hatfield, Edward Adair. "The Too-Busy City: Atlanta and Urbanity at the End of the Twentieh Century" (Crespino)

Schaefer, Jennifer Lee. "Rebels, Martyrs, Heroes: Authoritarianism and Youth Culture in Argentina, 1966-1983" (Lesser)

Scionti, Andrea. "Not Our Kind of Anti-Communists: Americans and the Congress for Cultural Freedom in France and Italy, 1950-1969" (Allitt)

Wempe, Sean Andrew. "Lost at Locarno? Colonial Germans and the Redefinition of 'Imperial' Germany, 1919-1933" (Vick)


Bhattacharyya, Debjani. "Fictions of Possession: Land, Property and Capital in Colonial Calcutta, c. 1820 to c. 1920" (Lesser)

Byrnes, Sean Thomas. "The United States in Opposition: The United Nations, The Third World, and Changing American Visions of Global Order, 1970-1984" (Harbutt)

Dunn, John Kevin. "One-Hundred Million No Longer: Learning to Be French in the Era of Decolonization, 1944-1992" (Amdur)

Gill, Navyug. "Labours of Division: Peasant Castes and the Politics of Agrarian Hierarchy in Colonial Panjab" (Pandey)

Monroe, Alicia L.. "Brotherhoods of Their Own: Black Confraternities and Civic Leadership in SÌ£o Paulo, Brazil, 1850-1920" (Lesser)

Moskowitz, Kara Alexandra. "From Possibility to Postcolony: The Politics of Decolonization, Development, and Inequality in Kenya (c. 1950-1980)" (Crais)

Perry, Craig Allen. "The Daily Life of Slaves and the Global Reach of Slavery in Medieval Egypt, 969-1250 CE" (Rustow)

Rosenthal, Jill Robyn. "From 'Migrants' to 'Refugees': Humanitarian Aid, Development, and Nationalism in Ngara District, Tanzania, 1940-2000" (Crais)

Sawula, Christopher Paul. "From the Lower Sort to the Lower Orders: Labor and Self-Identity in Boston, 1737-1837" (Prude)

Schulman, Jason. "The Limits of Liberalism: A Constitutional Reconsideration of American Jewish Politics" (Goldstein)

Singh, Samir Indar. "For Whom the Blame Tolls: Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, and te Plight of Cambodi" (Harbutt)

Suk, Lena Oak. "Becoming Modern at the Movies: Gender, Class, and Urban Space in Twentieth-Century Brazil" (Lesser)

Troisi Melean, Jorge Cristian. "Uncomfortable Partners: The Franciscans of Cordoba, 1767-1829" (Melton and Socolow)

Vigil, D. Nathan. "Elusive Equality: The Nuclear Arms Race in Europe and the History of the INF Treaty, 1969-1988" (Harbutt)


Cook, Richard Andrew. ""[T]heir dear Idol ye Charter": The Second Charter of Massachusetts Bay" (Juricek)

Deo, Aditya Pratap. "Spirits, State Effects and Peoples' Politics: Negotiating Sovereignty in 20th Century Kanker, Central India" (Pandey)

Dinani, Husseina. "En-gendering the Postcolony: Women, Citizenship and Development in Tanzania, 1945-1985" (Crais)

Evangelista, Rhiannon. "From Dictatorship to Democracy? Giuseppe Bottai and the Legacy of Fascism in Italy, 1945-1960" (Adamson)

Gold, Jacqueline Audrey. "Moving Images: India on British Screens, 1917-1947" (Scully & Collins)

Irwin, Dana Drew. "Revolutionary Histrionics: Violence and the Creation of Bourgeois Masculinity in Post-Napoleonic France" (Miller)

Marques, Leonardo. "The United States and the Transatlantic Slave Trade to the Americas, 1776-1867" (Eltis)

McCullers, Molly Leigh. "Lines in the Sand: The Global Politics of Local Development in Apartheid-Era Namibia, 1950-1980" (Crais)

Mitra, Durba. "Restraining Desire: Women and the Regulation of Sexuality in Colonial Bengal, c. 1830-1930" (Pandey)

Pariser, Robyn Allyce. "Houseboy: Domestic Service and the Making of Colonial Dar es Salaam, 1919-1961" (Crais)

Pasqualini, Mauro. "The Adventures of the Unconscious: A Cultural History of Psychoanalysis in Italy, 1920-1940s" (Adamson)

Spillman, Daniel Glenn. "The Conservative Baby Boomers' Magazine: A History of The American Spectator and the Conservative Intellectual Movement, 1967-2001" (Allitt)


Bouldin, Elizabeth. "'Chosen Vessels': Protestant Women Prophets and the Language of Election in the Early Modern British Atlantic" (Melton & Strom)

Kizhakke Nedumpally, Sunandan. "Ways of Knowing: Asaris, Nampoothiris, and Colonialists in Twentieht-Century Malabar, India" (Crais)

Musoni, Francis. "With an Apron in the Caboose: Illegal Migration across the Zimbabwe-South Africa Border" (Crais)

Stice, Elizabeth. "Empire Between the Lines: Constructions of Empire in British and French Trench Newspapers of the Great War" (Amdur)


Armstrong, Katherine. "Thy Will Lord, Not Mine: Parents, Grief, and Child Death in the Antebellum South" (Roark)

Borucki, Alex. "From Shipmates to Soldiers: Emerging Black Identities in Montevideo, 1770-1850" (Eltis)

Cocar, Remalian. "Between a Righteous Citizenship and the Unfaith of the Family: The History of Released Time Religious Education in the United States" (Crespino)

Connelly, Patrick. "Nietzsche, Christianity, and Cultural Authority in the United States, 1890-1969" (Allitt)

Czeblakow, Agnieszka. "A Prison by Any Other Name: Incarceration in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Audiencia de Quito" (Premo)

Domingues da Silva, Daniel B.. "Crossroads: Slave Frontiers of Angola, c.1780-1867" (Eltis)

Elder, Robert. "Southern Saints and Sacred Honor: Evangelicalism, Honor, Community, and the Self in South Carolina and Georgia, 1784-1860" (Roark)

Madden, Amanda. "Vendetta Politcs and State Formation in Early Modern Modena: A Case Study of the Bellencini-Fontana Vendetta, 1547-1562" (Strocchia)

Maes, Cari Williams. "Progeny of Progress: Child-Centered Policymaking and National Identity Construction in Brazil, 1922-1954" (Lesser)

McPherson, Natasha. "'There Was a Tradition among the Women': New Orleans's Colored Creole Women and the Making of a Community in the Tremé and Seventh Ward Neighborhoods, 1791-1930" (Harris)

Rosenbaum, Adam. "Timeless, Modern, and German? The Re-Mapping of Bavaria through the Marketing of Tourism, 1800-1939" (Eckert)

Rosenheck, Uri. "Fighting for Home Abroad: Remembrance and Oblivion of World War II in Brazil" (Lesser)

Weinryb Grohsgal, Leah. "Reinventing Civil Liberties: Religious Groups, Organized Litigation, and the Rights Revolution" (Allitt)


Erby, Kelly. "Public Appetite: Dining Out in Nineteenth-Century Boston" (Prude)

Fidler, Katherine. "Rural Cosmopolitanism and Peasant Insurgency: The Pondoland Revolt, South Africa (1958-1963)" (Crais)

Hayes, Worth. "In Our Own Hands: Black Private Education in Chicago, 1940-1986" (Davis)

Hooper, Jane. "An Empire in the Indian Ocean: The Sakalava Empire of Madagascar" (Crais)

Vox, Lisa. "The Death Wish of Humanity: Religious and Scientific Apocalypticism in the United States, 1859-2001" (Allitt)


Carlson, Robert David. "Breach of Faith: Conscription in Confederate Georgia" (Roark)

Feagin, Jayme A.. "Sentimental Tools: Literary Narrative, Female Bodies and Medical Identities in France, 1795-1850" (Miller)

Gavorsky, Scott. "Ceding to the Circumstances: State Institutions, Civil Society, and Running to Schools at Maine-et-Loire, 1815-1875" (Miller)

Ioris, Rafael Rossotto. "'Fifty years in Five' and the Meanings of National Development in 1950s Brazil" (Lesser)

Misevich, Philip R.. "'Freedom:' Abolition and the Transformation of Atlantic Commerce in Southern Sierra Leone, 1790s to 1860s" (Eltis)

Pool, Jeremy. "Now is the Time of Youth: Youth, Nationalism, and Cultural Change in Ghana, 1940-1966" (Mann)

Powell, Douglas. "Magistrates and Municipal Politics: The Bordeaux Pariementaries during the Reign of Louis XIV" (Beik)

Prado, Fabricio. "In the Shadows of Empires: Trans-Imperial Networks and Colonial Identity in Bourbon Rio de la Plata (c. 1750-1813)" (Socolow)

Sylvester, Beverly. "Negotiating Unacceptable Behavior: Southeastern Indians and the Evolution of Bilateral Regulation on the Southern Colonial Frontier" (Juricek)

Thompson, Michael. "Working on the Dock of the Bay: Labor and Life along Charleston's Waterfront, 1783-1861" (Roark)


Conner, Robin. "Gendered Garrisons: Masculinity, Femininity, and Class Identity in the Post-Civil War Western Army, 1865-1898" (Odem)

Fulwider, Chad R.. "The Kaiser's Most Loyal Subjects? The German View of America and German Americans during World War I" (Eckert)

Harrison, Candice L.. "The Contest of Exchange: Space, Power, and Politics in Philadelphia's Public Markets, 1770-1859" (Prude)

Lewis, Mollie. "Con Men, Crooks, and Cinema Kings: Popular Culture and Jewish Identities in Buenos Aires, 1905-1930" (Lesser)

Luse, Christopher Allen. "'The Offspring of Infidelity': Polygenesis and the Defense of Slavery" (Roark)

Negwo, Assefa B.. "Church-Based Healing and the State in Ethiopia, 1900-1980" (Packard)

Ouellette, Cathy Marie. "Two Times Brazilian: Rio Grande do Sul and the Making of the Nation, 1891-1930" (Lesser)

Renouard, Joseph P.. "Limits and Morality: The Emergence of Human Rights in America's Post-Vietnam Foreign Policy, 1968-1981" (Harbutt)

Stewart, Caitlin. "Religious Diplomacy: American Protestants and a Jewish State, 1933-1979" (Allitt)

White, Carol L.. "The Practice of Cosmopolitanism: A Transnational Study of the Enlightenment in France and Geneva, 1755-1768" (Melton)

Willis, John C.. "Masquerading Politics: Power and Transformation in a West African Kingdom" (Mann)


Arrington, Andrea. "Power, Culture, and Colonial Development around Victoria Falls, 1880-1910" (Crais)

Bosnos, Karen. "Treason and Traitors in Norman and Anglo-Norman History, c. 1066-1135" (White)

Krebs, Daniel. "Approaching the Enemy: German Captives in the American War of Independence, 1776-1783" (Melton)

McGrath, Kate. "Medieval Anger: Rage and Outrage in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Anglo-Norman and Northern French Historical Narratives" (White)

Starostina, Natalia. "Engineering the Empire of Images: The Representations of Railways in Interwar France" (Amdur)


Bradley, Kevin. "The Development of the London Underground, 1840-1933: The Transformation of the London Metropolis and the Role of Laissez-Faire in Urban Growth" (Finn)

Briggs, Jonathyne. "Anarchie en France: Hypermodernity and French Popular Music, 1958-1981" (Amdur)

Coulibaly, Sylvia. "Kelly Miller, 1895-1939: Portrait of an African American Intellectual" (Carter)

Davis, Marni. "'On the Side of Liquor': American Jews and the Politics of Alcohol, 1870-1936" (Prude)

Houghtby, Jeffrey. "'Les Beins Communaux': Common Lands, Property Rights, and Agrarian Modernization in Early Modern Burgundy, 1550-1789" (Beik)

Kaschak, Brian. "Religion and the Search for Political Order in Early Modern Nimes: The Conseil de Ville, Confessional Conflict, and Political Culture, c. 1476-c.1715" (Beik)

Mbajekwe, Carolyn. "A Vision for Black Colleges in a Post-Brown America: Benjamin E. Mays, Frederick D. Patterson, and the Quest for a Cultural Pluralism-Based Definition of Collegiate Desegregation" (Davis)

O'Grady, Paul. "Vital Arteries: A History of the Streets of New York, 1783-1863" (Prude)