Conference Schedule

Conference Program

Friday, November 15

1:30: Registration begins (Room W307C)

2:00-3:30: SESSION I

Panel A: New Perspectives on the Civil War (Room N302)

Daniel Szokoly, University of Georgia: "Flight of the People: Native American Refugees in the Civil War"

John H. Miller II, PE, Georgia Institute of Technology: "Communication and Innovation: Comparison of Union and Confederate Implementation of Telegraph Technology in the American Civil War"

Nicolas Hoffmann, Georgia State University: "Dysentery and Defeat: A Tragic Medical History of the Civil War"

Commentator: James Roark, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of American History, Emory University

Panel B: Spiritual and Business Practices in Post-Industrial America (Room N304)

Jessica Burch, Vanderbilt University: ""The Consumer Fraud of the 1970s': Pyramid Schemes, Pyramid Sales, and the FTC's Creation of a New Legal Category of Fraud"

Nathan Saunders, University of South Carolina: "Church Shopping: Megachurch Critics Take on Consumer Culture"

James Dennis LoRusso, Emory University: "Zen-gineering a New Ethic of Work: Contemplative Practice in Postwar Silicon Valley"

Commentator: Bethany Moreton, Associate Professor of History, University of Georgia

3:45-5:30: SESSION II

Panel A: Religion, Culture, and Identity in the South (Room N302)

Brett J. Derbes, Auburn University: "Resurrecting a Historical Landscape: Religion, Education, and Social Gatherings at Hamner Hall and Park, 1858-2013"

Ansley Quiros, Vanderbilt University: "'Demonstration Plot for the Kingdom': Koinonia Farm and the Theological Civil Rights Movement in Georgia"

Jesse P. Karlsberg, Emory University: "Modernity and Historicization in Joseph Stephen James's Original Sacred Harp (1911)"

Matthew R. Blaylock, University of Tennessee: "Haywood County, North Carolina and the Building of Separation"

Commentator: Scott Matthews, Lecturer in History, Georgia State University

Panel B: Visual Culture since World War II (Room N304)

Krystle Stricklin, Florida State University: "Propaganda Portraits: Easing American Anxieties Through WRA Films"

Sahalie Hashim, University of Texas at Dallas: "TV and Education: Gateway to Cultural Elitism in 1950s America"

Gary G. DeSantis, Florida State University: "Profiles in Shame: An Analysis of Parks and Recreation"s Satirical Murals"

Commentator: Tanine Allison, ACLS Post-Doctoral Fellow, Film & Media Studies, Emory University

6:00-7:00: Keynote Address (Oxford Road Building, 3rd Floor Presentation Room)

Bethany Moreton, Associate Professor of History, University of Georgia: "Sanctifying Service: Spiritual Responses to Postindustrial Work"

7:00: Keynote Reception (Oxford Road Building, Living Room)

Saturday, November 16

8:30-9:15: Registration and breakfast (Room W307C)

9:15-10:45: SESSION III

Panel A: Race and Citizenship after the Civil War (Room N302)

Tamla T. Lee, University of Louisiana at Lafayette: "Madame Josephine Dubuclet Decuir and the Louisiana Courts, 1872-1878"

Marisela Martinez-Cola, Emory University: "The Bricks Before Brown v. Board of Education"

Jacob Bennett, Georgia State University: "How Privilege Paved the Way to Multiculturalism"

Commentator: Joseph Crespino, Professor of History, Emory University

Panel B: Transatlantic Religious Faith and Ideology in the American Colonies and Early Republic (Room N304)

Timothy E. Miller, Georgia State University: "Religious Faith of the Scotch-Irish Trans-Atlantic Immigrants"

Kelly Diehl Yates, University of Manchester: "'How awful it would be if a popish abjured pretender were forced on the British throne." George Whitefield's response to papal accusations and the Jacobite Rebellion"

Jamie Diane Wilson, University of South Carolina: "Transatlantic Encounters: One Antebellum Southern Intellectual's Transformation into a Prominent Pro-Slavery Champion"

Commentator: Lawrence Foster, Professor of History, Georgia Institute of Technology

11:00-12:30: SESSION IV

Panel A: Race, Politics, and Party-Building in the New South (Room N302)

Louis Fagnan, Emory University: "'We want to start a real, legitimate party': The Georgia Republican Party, 1948-1960"

Bryan Kessler, University of Mississippi: "White, Black, and Blue: The Battle over Black Police, Professionalization, and Police Brutality in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963-1967"

Danielle Wiggins, Emory University: "Elephants in Sweet Auburn: Evelyn J. Frazier and Atlanta's Black Republicans, 1966-1972"

Commentator: Susan Youngblood Ashmore, Associate Professor of History, Oxford College of Emory University

Panel B: Transnational Memory and Cultural Diplomacy (Room N304)

Jillian Staurowsky, University of North Carolina at Charlotte: "The Civil War Sesquicentennial in Charleston: The Challenges of Memory"

Julia Lange, University of Hamburg: "German Americana and the Holocaust: German American politics of memory since 1945"

Richard Harker, Georgia State University: "Re-imagining the American Museum: Transnational Museum Practice and U.S. Cultural Diplomacy"

Commentator: Angelika Bammer, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities, Emory University

12:30-1:45: Lunch

1:45-3:15: SESSION V

Panel A: Local and Transnational Markets in the Progressive Era (Room N302)

Stacy Roberts, North Carolina State University: "From Railroads to Race Riots, Timberlands to Trucking: The Strawberry Industry in Chadbourn, North Carolina"

Hannah Weksler, Georgia Institute of Technology: "Progressive Poultry: Innovations in the Business of Chickens 1900-1920s"

Shane Tomashot, Georgia State University: "Maintaining the Post-War 'Free Market": The United States and the Western Imperial Political Economic Order of the Inter-War Era"

Commentator: Bill Winders, Associate Professor of Sociology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Panel B: The Local and the Transnational after World War II (Room N304)

Ashton W. Bagley, University of Georgia: "'You're My Teenage Fallout Queen': Public Opinion of Fallout and the Nuclear Test Ban Debate, 1945-1990"

Michael Camp, Emory University: "The Clinch River Breeder Debate and the Politics of Plutonium Nonproliferation, 1973-1983"

Andrea Ringer, University of Memphis: "'Purely personal and philosophical': Reaction and Response to Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller's 1970 Commutation of Death Row Inmates"

Commentator: Sandra Scanlon, Lecturer in American History, University College Dublin

3:30-4:30: SESSION VI

Panel A: Religion and Citizenship in the American Colonies and Early Republic (Room N302)

Christopher Sawula, Emory University: "`To Get Subsistence Without Being Burthensome": Alcohol, Laborers, and the Puritan Ethic"

Amanda Beyer-Purvis, University of Florida: "The Philadelphia Bible Riots of 1844: Contests Over the Rights of Citizenship"

Commentator: Kathryn Wilson, Associate Professor of History, Georgia State University

Panel B: Disease, Medicine, and the Military (Room N304)

Joyce Danielle Sharpe, Georgia Institute of Technology: "The Death of Jesse William Lazear: A Prelude to Modern Informed Consent"

Rebecca Michaud, College of Charleston and The Citadel: "The Most Forgotten Veterans: Women Vietnam Veterans and Post-War Adjustment"

Commentator: Elena Conis, Assistant Professor of History, Emory University

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Conference Organizers:

Colin Reynolds, PhD Candidate in History, Emory University

Scott Libson, PhD Candidate in History, Emory University